When renting a property, what does DSS stand for

It stands for Department of Social Security. It basically means that the landlord does not wish to accept tenants who are in receipt of benefits (i.e. Housing Benefit) from the government. This was the old name for the Dept. of Work and Pensions; and “No DSS” basically means that if you’re on the dole, don’t bother applying. If you do not receive Housing Benefit, are employed and can pay your own rent in full, it is unlikely to be a problem for you. Many landlords do not accept DSS. It is unfortunate, since not everyone that receives benefits is a ‘dole scrounger’. It’s actually quite ironic – since those who get their rent paid by the government are far more likely to pay in full and on time than some others who can supposedly afford the rent! The department of Social Security (DSS) is responsible for most of the help for people with disabilities. Responsibility for making policy lies with the DSS. This includes setting the framework of policy objectives and resources for the delivery and administration of social security benefits. Having trouble looking for dss properties? We source have landlords that will accept housing benift tenants all over london.hat will be your tenant for 1-25 years? Our company established in 2002 has assets, full set of company accounts, bank references and references from other landlords. We will guarantee rent will be paid every month on time without fail.DSS ACCEPTED is the new, quick and easy way to search online for all the latest DSS ACCEPTED property listings. In Dss accepted We guarantee property hand back in a similar condition subject to fair wear and tear and if you want to sell it, we will sell it for free with our partner agency. We can offer fully managed solutions or a custom solution whatever you want. This should be your one stop property investment shop. We can help with finding legal aid solicitors and fight rogue landlord. We will do all the serving of notices, court paperwork and instruct baliffs for free (courts and baliff costs separate). As long as you sign us up as a long term tenant on vacant possession. We will even pursue your old tenant for monies owing for free! Also we offer No Deposit, Flexible terms, No Agency fees, no renewal fees, no checking in/out fees,100% rent covered, Help with forms and tenancy, No Gaurentees, No References.

Factors to Consider When Building a New Home

There is nothing more fulfilling that building your dream home. However, the process isn’t an easy one. It requires a lot of work from the planning period to the actual building process using all those wholesale building supplies. There are numerous decisions to be made in order, from approving blueprints to choosing a builders hardware supply store. Only then will get you exactly what you want.

A custom home can reasonably take up to six months depending on several factors. These include the size and complexity of your home, weather conditions, the availability of discount contractor supplies and the competence of your contractor. This is often the reason why it is so impossible to estimate a completion date until well into the construction project.

The very first thing you want to do is plan out a budget. You should be thinking about what you can afford to spend and how much things like discount home improvement supplies are likely to cost. Try to get an approximate amount of building costs including discount home building supplies to make it a little easier to meet your budget if you have to change your building plans in any way. Most people take out construction loans or another mortgage to make the numbers add up in their budget.

Think about the Style and Size of Home You Want – One thing to take into consideration early on is the style of home you would like. This step involves everything else such as number of rooms, your builders hardware supply, and aesthetic appeal. Think about the type of home you want. For example, do you want a modern home, ranch style or Cape Cod? You’ll also need to make as decision as to how many square feet you want, how bedrooms and bathrooms, the size of each room, and any additions you would like such as a garage to keep your discount home improvement supplies.

Lot Considerations – Your next big decision involves the lot you plan on building upon. You’ll have to weight factors such as size, location such as urban, rural, near an ocean and the lots proximity to local attractions. How close is the lot to amenities, schools, work, parks and discount home remodeling supplies. Try to find information on important aspects like drainage, zoning laws, building regulations, weather conditions, and soil conditions.

Pick Out a Plan – There are plenty of designs and architects out there who can help you. Most homes have specific plans, but builders tend to make modifications depending on factors such as available wholesale building supplies or discount contractor supplies.

In general, it is important to be fully prepared during every step. Building a home is a long and sometimes complicated process. A plan can make sure everything goes smoothly. You’ll have something to refer to every time a problem arises from finding the cheapest builders hardware supply and discount home building supplies to finding who to contact over needed building permit.

How To Find Indian Property Prices Online In Seconds!

Real estate buyers and owners who need to find current market price of their property or real estate rates in India can now do so online from the comfort of their home or office. Zamanzar.com is the first Indian real estate portal to release an online tool that lets anyone calculates a property value estimate (ZamEstimateTM) within seconds for properties in Delhi NCR, Mumbai, Ahmedabad, Pune, Jaipur, Lucknow, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Chennai, and Kolkata.

Here are the steps to follow

1. Go to Zamanzars online property valuation tool.
2. Enter your brief contact details.
3. Enter brief details about the property and submit the form.
4. You will get a price estimate (ZamEstimte) based on the property details you entered.
5. You will get an accuracy percentage that will help you understand how accurate the estimate might be.
6. You will also get a list of similar property listings based on which the result has been calculated.
7. You can also get this report emailed to you by checking a checkbox while submitting the form.

Here is the ZamEstimate for a 3 BHK Apartment with a covered area of 1500 sqft in Airport Road, Bangalore.

It comes out to be about 53 lakhs with error percentage of about 11%. This estimate will change based on the kinds of property listings submitted on Zamanzar.com

The process we follow for calculating the price estimate is as follows

1. We search through thousands of properties in your city.
2. We choose the most similar properties based on a similarity score calculated for each property.
3. We adjust the price of the most similar properties, if needed.
4. Your property’s ZamEstimate is the average adjusted price of the most similar properties.

The tool is currently in Beta mode and we will continuously improve it to add many more parameters based on user feedback. Please let us know what you think about it!

ZamEstimate is based on the kind of property listings we have in the database at the time, and is thus limited in terms of accuracy. It is intended to give you a decent idea about the property rates in that particular locality. Zamanzar.com also offers an offline, manual property valuation service for a fee where you get a written property valuation report signed by a licensed property surveyor.

Zamanzar.com is currently ranked within the Top 10 real estate portals in India according to Alexa traffic rank. The company was started in 2007 by Nisheeth Ranjan, a graduate of Cornell University and Stanford University, after having worked in Silicon Valley, California for more than 10 years. Zamanzar.com provides an end to end solution for buying/renting/selling residential or commercial real estate across India. The real estate portal has more than 200,000 property listings and offers online and offline services for buyers, renters, owners, agents, and builders. These services include online marketing, property tours, property appraisals, title checks, financing, negotiation, legal paperwork, property registration etc.

Cebu Homes Affordable Packages Condominium For Rent In Cebu City

Cebu City is also known as the heart of Philippines. The city is home to a whole host of condominiums that vary in size as well as according to the range of facilities available in them. In fact, it is safe to say that finding a top notch private condominium for rent in Cebu City is not at all a difficult task. You can either head to the location yourself or use the web to find a decked-up condominium for rent in Cebu. Whatever way you may choose to find a comfortable condo, you must ensure that certain points are taken care of in an end-to-end manner.
For one, you should take care of the location aspect. Location is probably the most crucial point when deciding to stay in a particular condominium for rent in Cebu City. Ultimately, the location will make your stay in the city absolutely delightful. For example, you wouldnt want to get hassled by all the commotion of a market so it is best to avoid apartments near markets. That is why you should clearly state your needs to the real estate provider in advance. Another factor that you should take care of is whether the condominium is old or new. Based on your requirements as well as the kind of facilities available, you can either stay in an old or a new condo. Be it new or old, a condominium for rent in Cebu usually consists of state of the art amenities.
Then, the facility available in the condo is another aspect that should help you buy the best condo. Whether it is a swimming pool, gyms, shops, parks, or any other key facility, you can discuss the fee etc. with the real estate provider. All of the aforementioned points should be discussed well in advance before opting for a specific condominium for rent in Cebu City. Moreover, you must also look at the security and safety aspect before deciding to opt for a specific condo. Nowadays, there are condos that are equipped with the latest security systems. Not just this, the condos are manned by well-trained security guards that take care of you 24 hours a day. So if you are looking to select a condominium for rent in Cebu, it is best to keep in mind all the points just stated. So what are you waiting for? Get in touch with a reliable real estate provider or use the internet today.

Window Shades Become Great As A Simple Solution To Light Issues In Condominiums

Different individuals have different ideas on what materials to use to cover the windows in their homes or offices. However, the type of material used depends on the particular situation. Window coverings serve both a functional and a decorative purpose. Using the appropriate window coverings will accord you benefits like light and temperature control, much needed privacy, insulate you from outside noises and an accentuated view from your windows.Window shades are a window covering choice that is very popular. They aid in the moderation of light and are also used for decorative purposes. A few examples of window shades include; Cellular and Honeycomb shades which are translucent and hexagonal in shape, Roman shades which fold to the top when they are opened, Pleated shades which are made from pleated material that is horizontally placed, Solar shades whose sole purpose is to protect from the glare and heat of the sun, Motorized shades that are remote controlled, and Roller shades that open and draw in by the roller turningAlso referred to as roll up shades or roll shades, roller shades are a simple and cost-effective way to add some style, color and texture to the decor of any room. They are constructed using fabrics that are modern and are easy to use because of their functionality.Roller shades have several features that make them very desirable. * They are available in light filtering fabrics that allow you to control the amount of light that is received in the room. There are also made from room darkening and blackout fabrics.* They are those that are decorated in the hems, tassels and ring pulls.* They are used to add style and color to the room.Pulling down on the window shades chains slowly opens roller shades. If the window shades are pulled down fast and then let go, the locking mechanism can be deactivated. The materials used to make these shades are usually very tough so that they can withstand the constant up and down motions. These window shades dont offer much insulation; they are designed to keep the room dark and cool by blocking out the sun.Black out window shades darkens the room by completely blocking out the rays of the sun. If the room is too dark, you may decide to open the window shades halfway. Black out window shades are made from very heavy materials and are suitable for use in a computer room, movie room or a bedroom. Solar shades are great for preventing damage in your home or your office; they block out the sunlight. Some items like expensive tapestry, new carpeting or a valuable couch need minimum exposure to the sun and this is where the solar shades come in handy. Window shades may also be used purely for decorative purposes.When you decide to add roller shades to a particular room, there are many ways to shop for them. You may opt to shop by the style of the shade. The different styles of window shades available are; traditional, casual, modern and country. You may decide to buy from a brand name or to buy from a sale. Whichever way you decide to shop, ensure that the quality of the shade is good and that it is durable.Before deciding on a window treatment to use on any particular room, it is important that you conduct research and shop around by looking at the various designs of window shades that are available as well as their functions. After you have gathered as much information as possible, then choose a shade that will fit into your room and blend in with the existing decor and colors. This needs to be carefully carried on.

Whom Needs A Condominium Reserve Study

There are few things as vital to creating an ideal reserve fund than a condominium reserve study. For maintenance costs to repairs and replacements, maintaining a condo property can be expensive.

Condominium properties are built on the premise of shared amenities and common areas. While each unit is a home, the larger property as a whole must serve the needs of the entire community. Over time, those common areas will experience wear and tear and must be maintained and repaired. A reserve fund is used for this, but a condominium reserve study will need to be created in order to ensure adequate resources are available when needed most.

More Than Just Common Areas

Condo properties have a considerable amount of shared common areas, as well as equipment and amenities. Your condo reserve study must account for much more than just maintaining your common areas. Any condominium reserve study should include a variety of other factors, including structural elements like the roof and the propertys foundations. In addition to those areas, items such as HVAC systems, exterior lighting and even playground equipment must be examined in order to provide the most accurate picture possible in terms of maintenance, repairs and replacement costs that youll have to pay over the life of the property.

Customization Is Essential

One of the most important factors to consider in your condominium reserve study is whether the study is customized to your specific property. Some architectural firms use a cookie cutter approach here, but that is far from advisable. Every single property differs from every other you have concerns that may or may not apply to a property down the road, much less on the other side of town or in another part of the state.

When you need a condo reserve study conducted, its vital that you choose an architectural firm known for taking the time to customize that study to reflect your propertys unique needs. Of course, there are also other considerations you need to make when selecting the firm youll work with.

Other Reporting Options

In addition to a condominium reserve study, you may find that you need a variety of other reports depending on your situation and specific needs. For instance, you might find that building repair studies are necessary down the road, or that you need bid design documents. You might also find that if new work is required on your property, you need a company that can offer construction monitoring. Additional services a reputable architectural firm can offer include transition studies, balcony repair studies, structural reviews, roof leak studies and more.

As you can see, working with a reputable architectural firm is vital for your condominium reserve study. J. Hershey Architecture can provide you with all the assistance you require, tailored to fit your specific propertys unique situation. If youre seeking peace of mind and the accurate reporting necessary to build your capital reserve fund, this architect can help.

Buying A Condominium In Thailand Legal Start

A condominium is an apartment building in Thailand is a multi unit building registered under the Thailand Condominium Act in which each unit is owned separately by the people living in it, but also containing shared common areas. Condos in Thailand are regulated in the Condominium Acts and registered with the Thailand Land Department. Each condominium unit has a condominium unit title deed. This document states the owner of the unit, the exact size, voting right in the condominium juristic person’s meeting and if there are any third party rights registered against the unit such as a lease or mortgage. The unit title deed is an important document officially administrated at the local land office where the condominium is located.

Foreigners are under the Thailand condominium act allowed to own condominium apartment units (condos) freehold in Thailand. There is however one restriction which aims to limit foreign freehold ownership of condos in Thailand; not more than 49% of the total floor area of all units in a condominium building combined can be foreign owned. In case of 100 equal units 49 can be foreign owned, the other 51 must be owned by Thai nationals.

The units in a condominium project exceeding the 49% foreign freehold ownership quota may be sold under a registered leasehold to foreigners. There is no restriction for foreigners renting or leasing real estate in Thailand. The contract for hire, lease or rental exceeding 3 years must be registered in the foreigner’s name on the condo unit title deed.

The main requirement under the Condominium Act for the purchase of a freehold condo by a foreigner (non resident) in Thailand is that the full purchase price for the condominium unit (which may not be less that the appraised value) for the condo unit must have been remitted into Thailand in foreign currency (see current exchange rates Bank of Thailand). The handling bank in Thailand must transfer the amount of foreign currency into Thai baht and will issue a Foreign Exchange Transaction form for amount exceeding 20,000 USD or for lesser amounts a credit note and confirmation letter of the transferred amounts on request. Without proof of remittance of the full purchase price into Thailand in foreign currency the land department cannot register ownership in the foreigner’s name.

The Origins Of The Six Percent Real Estate Agent Commission

The commission paid to the Real Estate agent is a serious amount of money and a concern in any transaction involving the sell of Real Estate. Where did this six percent commission come from?

The idea of a 6% Real Estate commission being paid to the agent originated during the 1940s when local Real Estate Boards openly engaged in price fixing to establish a standard rate. This process was an out and out case of an unfair practice, but the 1940s was a time when the attention of the country was directed to some serious external matters and the idea took hold and spread quickly through the industry.

In the early 1950s, the Supreme Court ruled that an established 6% commission was illegal. Rather than open up commissions to a more competitive and free market system, the Real Estate Boards merely shifted gears with a bit of fancy linguistic footwork and began to call the 6% commission the suggested amount. During the 1950s and 1960s, they managed to get away with this practice without much trouble as the majority of real estate agents complied with the suggestion.

In the 1970s lawsuits brought against the Real Estate Boards effectively put the skids on this practice. The Real Estate agents commissions were opened up to competition without the Boards either being able to mandate or even suggest 6% as the carved into stone rate. However, the rate did not alter very much in the years following these court cases. Although the rate may not have been carved into stone, it was pretty much established in the Real Estate market as a standard.

Generally, competitive markets benefit consumers. As long as someone is willing to offer a discounted rate, it would seem that the consumer stood to save money. However, the proponents of a standard 6% rate commission point to such things as health care to argue that the standard rate may actually be helping the consumer by holding the commission down to 6% rather than propping it up to that level. Although the cost of health care is not regulated, the general trend has been straight up off the charts.

Real Estate agents would be quick to point out that if you were to take a close look at just about any service or product being offered or sold in the 1940s, you would find a very serious increase in cost to the consumer. Except for Real Estate commissions which are still right around 6%. The amount being paid to the agents has increased greatly merely because the value of the property being sold has increased. Today, the internet has been responsible for a few chips in the rock of the 6% commission by offering some straight fee or reduced rate services that allow the sellers to list their own properties. The results are still mixed and the 6% commission is still the standard.

Legitimate Work At Home Jobs – Three Reasons Property Scouts Are The New Work At Home darling

This is a quiz. Name just one of the top legitimate work at home jobs that is easy, fun, extremely profitable, AND you can do it from your favorite easy chair

Go ahead I’ll wait right here for you.

Oh good you’re back! Well, what did you come up with?

OK – here’s my answer property scouting. Why? I’m glad you asked.

Property scouting is backed by a legitimate multi-million dollar corporation that has every tool a property scout ever needs, and has created a very easy and very legitimate work at home system just about anyone can do.

Property scouting is easy because every property scout is told exactly where to go to find the pertinent information, precisely what do look for, and specifically what to do with the information once the scout acquires it.

Property scouting is fun because the property scout has massive virtual real estate to investigate to find promising properties that meet concise requirements, so there is absolutely zero wasted time. Ever.

Compared to other legitimate work at home jobs, Property scouting is extremely profitable because anyone willing to put forth a reasonable and consistent effort can earn an extra $30,000.00 all the way up to $300,000.00 or more per year. Only property scouts pick the number.

Property scouting can easily be done from your favorite easy chair with only a computer and telephone, or is of course just as easy to do from your home office or even your kitchen table. The property scout determines all of this.

And here’s a bonus. You don’t have to buy stuff, stock stuff, aggravate everyone you know, sell anything, buy anything, work long hours, or do one thing for anyone but yourself and the people you care about. Zero.

Now do you understand why of all the legitimate work at home jobs -property scouting is the darling’ of 2007 and beyond? Hint there will always be more real estate available than any thousand people could research, too so go get yours now as a property scout!

Embarrassingly Straightforward Techniques To Buying A Condominium You Will Really Like

Any condominium differs from townhome, for the reason that, using a condo you can expect to have a neighbor residing above or below a person. Additionally, you will possess a neighbors living about one or perhaps each side of you.

Once you purchase your condo, you want to make sure that, by visiting market, the apartment is going to be an easy task to sell. A straightforward to sell, “premium” condo will most likely cost money to you personally.

A premium condominium could cost a couple of thousand bucks greater than similar condos in the exact same complex or even location, but this type of residence will probably be worth the cost in the long run.

If I was getting another residence, there are many important requirements that I might consider in my own research:

Location, Area, Area, Portion 1:
Condo properties have a tendency to end up being built around hectic streets. This isn’t always to situation, however often will be. When examining a complicated, you need to purchase a condominium since a long way away from the traffic as you can, ideally having a constructing or perhaps two blocking the particular sound.

Location, Location, Location, Part 2:
I would recommend that you simply purchase a residence on top flooring. In the residence the actual worst reason behind sounds originates from having neighbors moving around above an individual. It is possible to get rid of this particular by ordering a high floor product. The apartment My home is now could be on top ground and I almost never listen to my personal neighbours.

Location, Location, Place, Portion 3:
When possible make an effort to purchase a condominium having a look at some thing satisfying. My own top ground condominium has a great take a look at the swimming pool. The windows were design with discretion on this view. Other condos inside our complicated possess a take a look at the actual greens. Yet, a few of the condos use a look at the parking lot. Ugg boot. Who wishes to look out onto any car park?

I have owned one more condo which seemed away over a park and the other that had fantastic opinions of the mountain tops. My partner and i dropped money on the apartment I owned that did not have a good view.

You will want to understand how lots of the condos within the complex tend to be non-owner busy (leased). You can get this information from your leader with the Home owners association.

If there are greater than 40% with the devices used as leases, your ability to acquire a mortgage will probably be constrained. Mortgage loan businesses contact condo processes together with a lot of renters “non-warrantable”. Non-warrantable Equals and the higher chances for your home loan businesses Equals no mortgages regarding condominium customers.

Another problems with possessing too many renters in the condominium complex tend to be that you will encounter a lot more home-based issues, vandalism, law enforcement officials visits, and so forth. Together with your home being your refuge following a hard workday, you don’t need these types of disruptions breaking your own peace and quiet.