Thai Real Estate Investment Soared On Back Of Property Fund Activity

KTAM Aims to Become Thailand’s Leading Property Fund,Increasing Assets Under Management to 11.3 Billion

The Bangkok Post reported on Thursday, 22 February that real estate investment in Thailand soared by 81.8 percent to $2 billion (1.3 billion)in 2012, nearly double the $1.1 billion (720 million) in 2011, as property funds markedly increased their investment activity.

According to property consultant DTZ, Thailand’s real estate market was boosted by the listing of major property funds and a high number of acquisitions, particularly in the office and hotel sectors. Some $1.1 billion (720 million), or 55 percent of total real estate investment, came from transactions by real estate funds or public funds for public offerings (PFPOs).

Investment activity received a major boost from the listing of Tesco Lotus Retail Growth Freehold and Leasehold (TLGF) in the beginning of January 2012, which proved to bethe largest property fund listing for the year. The $594-million (389 million) fund purchased 17 Tesco Lotus shopping malls in prime locations across Thailand in a deal which by itself exceeded half of the real estate investments in the country in 2011.

Other notable property fund investments in 2012 included the purchase during the first quarter of three serviced apartment complexesand residences for $106 million (69 million) by the listed Land and Houses Freehold and Leasehold Property Fund (LHPF). Additionally, the Quality Houses Hotel and Residence Freehold and Leasehold Property Fund (QHHR) bought three Centre Point serviced apartments in the third quarter, for some $107 million (70 million).

KTAM Eyes Real Estate Market

Krung Thai Asset Management (KTAM) has the ambition to lead the market in property funds and,more specifically, to increase its assets under management by 20 percent in 2013 to 516 billion baht (11.3 billion), said chief executive officer Somchai Boonnamsiri, citing the positive overall investment climate.

The Bangkok Post reports that Thai billionaire Charoen Sirivadhanabhakdi plans to raise funds through the funds managed by KTAM, with the subsequent capital increase being dedicated to turning KTAM into the global leader of this type of fund.

KTAM is considering entering new markets including Mexico, Brazil and some European countries. Annualised return for short-term investments in these regions is forecast at 3.5 percent or about one percent higher than returns in the Thai domestic market.

The Thai fund intends to boost the capital of property funds under the direction Sirivadhanabhakdi’s TCC group to as high as 50 billion baht (1.1 billion) this year. The fund also plans to launch ETFs on the Stock Exchange of Thailand in sectors such as food, energy, ICT and the commercial sector.

2013 will be the last year in which Thailand’s Securities and Exchange Commission will allow investments in what has been known as property type 1, with introduction a new type of property fund, the internationally recognised real estate investment trust, set to replace the old structure.

Offset Rising Cost of Interest Rates by Claiming Property Depreciations

Property depreciation is defined as the decline in value of a building and its assets over the time due to wear and tear as well as physical deterioration. Depreciation on rental property or investment property is treated as an expense and is a part of the income statement. Actually property depreciation can be applied only to the building and not the land, since land is not considered to wear out over time.

Generally there are two types of costs that can depreciate for an investment property;

1. Wear and tear of the fixtures and fittings of a property. 2. Capital works deductions, which are applicable to the cost of the construction and are spread over the lifetime of the property.

One of the biggest advantages of property depreciation is that they are non-cash deductions. It means that you do not need to outlay funds for claiming the deductions. The Australian Taxation Office (ATO) allows you to claim the depreciation on rental property because they realize that the value of fixtures, fittings and other assets of a building reduce over time and will require replacement.

Claiming depreciation on rental property, will help you to offset the rising cost of interest rates. Just like you can claim wear and tear on the car you purchased, you can also claim property depreciation on your investment property.

Calculating property tax depreciation schedule is a complex task, which requires skill and experience in both construction costs and tax laws to generate an accurate report.

It’s important for property investors to at least investigate whether or not they are eligible to any tax deductions on their investment property. The easiest way to find out is to contact a reputable quantity surveying firm such as Property Returns, which specialises in preparing property tax depreciation report for residential as well as commercial properties. We will just ask you a few standard questions to ascertain whether it is worthwhile, and how much deductions you can claim. The fee to prepare a tax depreciation schedule is 100% tax deductible.

How much property depreciation you can claim?

The amount of property depreciation deductions you can claim depends on the four factors, mentioned below:

1. Plant Assets: The value of plant asset items bought with the property at settlement. 2. Building Allowance: The historical cost to build the original structural element of the property, note that this allowance is only applies to properties built after 1988. 3. The cost of any improvements like renovations or extensions on pre-purchase property to change the original structure by the previous owner. 4. The cost of any expenditure by the owner after settlement is considered as post purchase expenditure.

Mortgage Ireland Opportunities For A First Time Buyer Mortgage Applicant

For those that are seeking a Mortgage Ireland opportunity within a First Time Buyer Mortgage program, prospects should be prepared to meet several criteria beforehand. Before a mortgage repayment plan can be established within these criteria, lenders look for reasonable amounts of spending habits for each individual or couple. Therefore, if an individual has a minimum amount of personal borrowing this will indeed help the applicant to obtain lending within a First Time Buyer Mortgage plan. Adversely, a short-term borrowing scheme may hurt a couple or individual that is looking to acquire their first home. This is especially true for those looking to borrow the maximum mortgage level for a prospective home.

Also, rental payments are also viewed for persons seeking to borrow within the Ireland locality. If an individual or couples desire to meet the criteria for a home buyer program, then the history of rental payments will also be considered. This means that a couple or individual will have to show that they paid their rent on time and on a regular basis.

Furthermore, mortgage lenders in Ireland also look at the history of savings. Those that are seeking a Mortgage Ireland opportunity will have to vouch for steady savings buildup as one criterion the First Time Buyer Mortgage program.

Another criterion that lenders will look at is the security of employment. They will want to know if a prospective Mortgage Ireland client has full-time and/or permanent positions for employment. The length of current employment will also be considered, as well as the occupation before the current employment took place. Many lenders will look at the sector of employment as well, especial during a recession.

Lenders will want to know if all of a couples or individuals income is derived from basic wages, or are their other significant income resources elsewhere. Is there any chance for the individual or couple to receive paid overtime or achieve bonuses during their current employment or any of the commissions received reasonable within the individuals or couples lifestyle. Can any additional income be vouched for?

Credit history and lifestyle will also be viewed for Mortgage Ireland prospects within a First Time Buyer Mortgage opportunity. Credit history should be well maintained an up-to-date and should also contain smaller credit card balances and a clean credit history, During a lifestyle check up, lenders will apply a prospective mortgage to an individuals or couples account to see how it would apply. Will the individual or couple have money left over at the end of the month after all account is paid? Does the individual or couple spend large amounts of money on gambling or eating out during the month?

It is important to note that some lenders are flexible and can substitute certain forms of criteria depending on the weight of other significant factors within a couples or individuals history, and should an area fall short to meet standard criteria, then there is also opportunity to bring in other guarantors. Even so, those that need lending should not depend totally on a guarantor to meet the criteria of an Ireland mortgage, because some weightiness will still be applied to their history and current credit status in order to borrow what is desired. All of these aspects will be measured for a Mortgage Ireland lending opening within a First Time Buyer Mortgage plan.

Pitfalls of Real Estate Auctions

The reality is, residential home is a single of the most effective developing industries for live-auction (as outlined by National Auctioneers Relationship). Actually because you will uncover there’s rise in amount of foreclosed residences, this has been lately one particular of the most anticipated gross sales in the century.

Property auctions are not only noticed a system concerning selling in foreclosure qualities. Stores who want rapid dollars adapt this form of format. It is really also a excellent selection for sellers, who want to speed up sale created of home because of to divorce proceedings or exterior the state transfer. Basically estate liquidation, like the scenario of the death of a loved one particular, could be carried out as a result of true estate home auction.on.

Consumers could also reap the positive aspects of authentic estate sale. The number one particular rewards are worth. Attributes receiving auctions could probably have an first greatest taker value, which can be under their correct market place price. For folks who will be in investing, they could absolutely make use of this kind of offering. Aside from that, if your buyer despises the complexity of a typical actual estate process, real estate house auctions can be a very good solution for the kids. They have the advantages of getting rid of negotiations on terms, which can be time-consuming, in addition to finding a mortgage business (because in quite a few situations this is by now pre-arranged in most revenue).

As you can see, on-line auctions can significantly benefit vendors in many ways. Nevertheless, it has troubles that can drastically be of detrimental element for the buyers. If you are an ambitious purchaser associated with real estate sale, knowing these varieties of pitfalls will undoubtedly open the eyes on the real shades this type of transaction. They’re not lousy, in circumstance you do not comprehend them excellent, you may usually be disappointed. Actual-estate auctions have it own pair of principles within selling. For that cause, it is just immediately to know these people, so you can in addition know what methods to use to guard oneself contrary to the drawback.

For all you potential buyers obtainable, right here are the most popular pitfalls regarding actual estate online auctions that you need to be familiar with:

– Purchasers can’t search at the house constantly in advance of they are able to carry on with the highest taker. The marketing of residence in a public sale is not depending to essentially any inspections. For that purpose, when you get a property by way of this selection, you adopt the residence “as is”.

* As this treatment eliminates talk’s procedure, this will also be a fantastic disadvantage. In the event that there are issues with the household, any buyer can’t need for vehicle repairs or request the seller with regard to price modifications, in situation of constitutional problems or even building program code violations.

: If you are the very best bidder and when your wager did not attain the reserve cost set with the seller, you may possibly not get the residence at all. Maintain cost is the particular minimum sum that the owner is willing to merely accept. The difficulty is the actual reserve expenses are not uncovered to the readers.

Reverse Mortgage Mortgage-backed Securities In Demand From Major Investors

Key investors are pouring into the HECM MBS markets seeking to capitalize on the demand among seniors for equity-conversion loans. Hear what David Fonantilla had to say about the demand from investors at the American Securitization Forum earlier this month.

If youve ever wondered just how much the reverse mortgage industry has grown in the last decade, the short answer is exuberantly. And as for longer answer? Lets consider the demand for mortgage-backed securities from investors: if theyre willing to bet on the popularity of reverse mortgages, thats a powerful testimony.

Recently, reverse mortgage MBS have been as popular as commercial real estate MBS. During 2010, private label commercial mortgage-backed security originations totaled about $10.9 billion, just a hair more than reverse mortgage originations that totaled $10.7 billion.

Now thats incredible growth, especially considering that in 2009, only about $9 billion worth of home equity conversion mortgages (HECM), the more formal name for a reverse mortgage, were issued. Its seems increasingly possible that within a year or two, HECM mortgage-backed securities could hit the secondary private markets as a popular alternative to commercial mortgage loans.

Earlier this month David Fontanilla, the director of Knight Capital Markets made that very point at the American Securitization Forum in Orlando, Florida. The ASF is the securitization industrys largest annual conference, bringing together hundreds of issuers and lending professionals from all over the country.

In pointing out the equivalencies between the HECM MBS market and the commercial MBS market, Fontanilla said It gives you an idea of the growth in our market. That very growth has been largely driven by everything from the increase in demand for Medigap insurance for a retiring couple to increased lifespan expectancies, to simply a largely collective absence of proper retirement planning.

Fontanilla made his points to a captive audience at the ASF. The demand for HECM MBS drove the market value from around $1 billion in 2005 to more than $9 billion in 2009 as new investors poured new money into the secondary markets. And the funds are coming in from established firms, including bond behemoth PIMCO and online broker/dealer Fidelity Investments, not to mention armies of insurance companies and home loan banks of all sizes and shapes.

Everyone is starting to get involved. It seems like insurance companies have been active, said Fontanilla. The insurance companys involvement pushes up the current yield, which Fontanilla says is around 4% now.

According to securitization industry reports, the HECM MBS market is seeing about three times the typical amount of volume trading. We bought two mortgage originators and got into reverse mortgages for the demographic play, Fontanilla said while explaining how his firm Knight Capital Markets was introduced to HECM MBS.

And this is only the beginning, according to many listeners at the ASF. Rising costs in insurance and from health care providers and hospitals will continue to fuel the demand for supplementary cash among seniors entering their Golden Years during the next 20 years. Couple that with rising costs in prescription drugs, deflated home prices, and one of the most pervasive recessions in our nations history, and it seems private investors are convinced of the explosive growth of reverse mortgages.

Best Cities In India For Property Investing

Property is one of the long-term investments. When buying or selling a property in India one should be aware about the present scenario of real estate sector of respective city. But there are few cities in India, where you dont have to think much before investing like Delhi and Mumbai.

Demand of Property in Delhi

The real estate sector of Delhi is booming due to the amazing development over the past few years. Delhi has become the center of numerous corporate houses. The place is blessed with the better education facilities, job opportunities, entertainment zones, and more. Owing top these reasons the demand of property in Delhi is rapidly growing whether its residential property or commercial property. The prices of Delhi properties are rising and are going to soar in future.

The craze of buying the property in Delhi has reached to a peak level. Delhi is majorly segregate in to five separate zones and each zone has its value and unique in themselves. Like South is recognizing as the ideal destination for shopping, East counts as the most diverse population, north known as educational hub and Central for posh localities. West Delhi has well-known for the top-notch infrastructure and quality life style.

So property buyer in Delhi can choose the location as per their preferences and budget.

Demand of property in Mumbai

The city Mumbai is also known as trade capital of India. The arrivals of Multi nationals, Information technology giants and other big companies has increased the demand for high-end and luxury properties in Mumbai. The employees working on these companies have high salaries is of course demand for the quality living standard. The residential property in Mumbai is in high demand. Thus they preferred fully furnished, lifestyle homes instead of the regular apartments in Mumbai.

Well the real estate sector in Mumbai is not only booming in residential property but also boost in commercial property. The prices of commercial property in Mumbai are touching to the sky. It is a dream of every business man to have an own property in this city. The some great development is seen in many places in Mumbai like Bandra, Andheri, Santacruz, etc. But in terms of industrial and commercial sector, South Mumbai properties are in huge demand.

To know the exact prices of properties in Delhi and Mumbai, visit to the online India property portals from where you can easily gathered the deep details of your concerned property.

Buying A Makati Condominium

Nowadays, people are choosing to rent or buy Makati condominiums versus buying or renting a house & lot in nearby cities.

This can be attributed to the fact that most people prefer to live in residential spaces requiring less maintenance, and they favor the proximity of Makati to key establishments in business such as work, popular lifestyle spots, schools and medical facilities. Add to this the ease of transportations routes and quick accessibility to most cities in the Metro.

Pricing is a concern with everyone whos ever bought a property in Makati. However a lot of developers have managed to meet the expectations of everyone from the different sectors of society from the young couple starting a family, a working student whose only got enough to pay for his or her rental/amortization, or an ofw who worked hard for years on end and is about to make his very first real estate investment. Theres a variety of Makati condominiums on the market catering to the purchasing power of the Filipino people. Not only that, banks have made it easier for the simple Juan to make a loan without selling his soul to the devil to make his down payment & monthly amortization.

Material wise, one has to be discriminating with the materials, design and finish as said on the brochure or contract given to you by the developer. Unfortunately, there are still some Makati condominiums who promise this and produce that whatever happened to following through with your claims. That is the reason when you are buying a Makati condominium, you must settle with a reliable developer who wont run out on you when the first signs of problem in your property strikes.

Now whether you make buy your Makati condominium for investment or residential purposes is up to you. Mind you, rental per square meter in Makati is pretty high as compared to other cities in the Metro. If you aim to sell it after a few years, you might also be surprised at the market value of your property as Makati land values have risen a thousand-fold over the past 50 years.

What Is A Buy To Let Mortgage

Buy to Let Mortgages are loans specially designed for anyone who wishes to invest in the property market by buying one or more houses and renting them out to tenants. Buy to Let Mortgages differ from previous investment vehicles by specifically using the rental revenue as the main factor when determining the ability of the buyer to meet the monthly mortgage payments. Many high street banks and building societies now offer a buy to let mortgage product. The percentage which the buy to let lender is willing to lend is likely to be restricted by many lenders to 85% of the value of a property.

Buying Property

Buying property to let has become increasingly popular to the UK investor. Buy To Let mortgage lenders differ in approach. Buy-to-let borrowers do have to jump through some extra hoops to satisfy mortgage lenders. The buy to let mortgage term can be anything between 5 and and 45 years. When buying to let it is important to know the market in which you will be trying to let your property.

Buy To Let Property

The more you are willing to do a property up, the higher the potential profits. There is the danger that the property could lie empty for long periods and the market could suffer a downturn. There is a real advantage if your buy to let property is close by as you will be able to manage the property yourself. However, if you are employing the services of an agent then the vicinity of your properties is not a real consideration. One rule of thumb many buy-to-let investors apply is to factor in the property sitting empty for two months of the year this gives a substantial buffer. Finding the right property is key to the success of your long-term strategy.

Buy To Let Mortgages

Popular perception is that buy-to-let mortgages are hugely expensive and very restrictive. However, the interest rates available for buy to let products is really not that much higher than a regular residential mortgage. Landlords also have a choice between interest only and repayment mortgages. To begin with, buy to let mortgage lenders do not use the applicants income solely as a basis of approval, instead they base their decision mostly upon the likely rental income that the property will achieve. Over the long term, though, both the capital value of the property and the rental income should go up, making buy-to-let a balanced investment. Usually, regular buy to let lenders will demand the rent to cover at least 125% of the monthly mortgage payments. However some specialist lenders are more relaxed and may only require 100% full coverage.

Buy to Let mortgages are not regulated by the Financial Services Authority. Even though buy to let property is a fairly safe investment taking into consideration the historical movement of house prices, you still need to check the market very carefully before going ahead with a purchase.

Penang Property Market Bubble Is The Same Going To Burst Soon

Penang in Malaysia is a favored destination for property investors coming from all over the world. The growthPenang real estatehas seen in the recent years is not just good, but commendable. But, as its said too much of anything is negative, similar trend is now being noticed in the property scenario at Penang. The analysts and buyers together have indicated a parallel finding saying that the property bubble in this island is soon going to burst. This statement became very popular two years back and the same thing is now being noticed.

Most say that the property bubble burst is all about demand and supply. Its clearly seen that the supply for new properties constructed on better themes is much more than the demand for the same. As more and more developers are hopping in theproperties malaysia, the price appreciation this commodity has seen is very big. Considering a country, the majority population consists of people who belong to the middle income group. Thus, these buyers are moreover in the lookout for affordable homes.

The people in Malaysia and outside have different opinions where property demand is concerned. While some believe that property burst will soon creep in, still others think that nothing like this will happen not just now, but even in the near future. The properties in Penang were undervalued some 5 years back and the trend did not show increase as it was supposed to show.

Moreover the opinion most people have towards this is biased. If the supply remains good and the demand rises proportionally then there will be a gradual increase in the scenario and it will moreover remain stable. Maybe a little slowdown will be seen down two or three years from now but that would be a temporary thing and the results will not last long with the prices and demand soon getting back on track. Theproperty malaysiamarket is expected to remain stable and similar trend is anticipated for Penang too.

Considering that Penang has always managed to catch an eye of investors from all over saying that the property market here will see stable growth will not be exaggerating. Everything about Penang is ideal for any investor seeking to invest on a property that will promise them great returns in the future.

Penang as a property hotspot boasts the best of both world, the modernity of the 21st century and an architectural past that is rich and can charm anyone with the old world look and trend. All in all, people still have a biased opinion, but considering the majority population, buyers have a positive belief in the property market of Penang and are still investing in this island to enjoy a great financial return later in life.

Well, in the end is good to be practical as life is totally unpredictable. We should always remain prepared for the worst and should invest on property only keeping in mind that it may burst anytime in future.

Choosing An Energy Star Home

When you make the decision to build a new home, you want a builder who will provide the highest quality at an affordable price. Many Knoxville home builders can offer competitive prices but when you are investing in a new home, you want the best. Home ownership is a great investment, but it can also cost a lot of money over the years. You can save in future ownership costs if you choose a builder who can build an Energy Star qualified home.

What Is Energy Star?
Energy Star is an international, governmental standard for energy efficiency in consumer products. When you own an Energy Star home, you have a home that performs better than most homes in America. Your cost of upkeep and ownership is reduced, and your home will last longer without the need for repairs.

What Makes a Home Energy Star Qualified?
Energy Star homes have higher standards for insulation and water management. In an Energy Star home the walls, floors, and ceilings are all tightly sealed and properly insulated to reduce drafts and leaks. Proper insulation not only provides lower energy costs, but also better air quality. Energy Star homes will have protection from more pollen and dust then regular homes.

Energy Star homes also must have efficient water management systems. There must be a way to direct water off of the roof and away from the foundation. This keeps your roof in better condition for longer, and protects the foundation from water damage.